BIG pizza slices ranging in price from ï¿¥400 to ï¿¥500. Eleven different varieties of pizza to choose from. We can also customize your pizza to your specifications! Always made fresh from time of order!
Pizzas can also be purchased as a whole. 2 sizes, M-30cm and L-40cm are available. Currently only the L size is available for take out or delivery. Prices for the M size range from ï¿¥1600-ï¿¥2000. Prices of the L pizza range from ï¿¥2600-ï¿¥300

Calzones (ï¿¥750-ï¿¥900)

The all time favorite calzone! The popular `Slices` calzone is stuffed full of delicious fillings such as pepperoni, tomatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and of course cheese!
スライシーズの人気メニュー「スライシーズカルゾーネ」。ピザ生地の中にペパロニ、タマネギ、トマト、マッシュルーム、チーズ等を包みオーブンで焼きま す。また、クリーミーシーフードカルゾーネ、野菜カレーカルゾーネ、お好きな具材を選んで自分だけのオリジナルカルゾーネもご用意。ボリュームたっぷりです!

Try the creamy seafood calzone, or perhaps the veggie curry calzone. Both excellent and delicious choices!

For those interested in customizing their own calzone, we offer the `special calzone`. Choose 5 toppings from the toppings list of 15 items!

All calzones come out pipping hot and fresh. We must advise you to be careful with the calzones as we do not take responsiblity for scalded tongues due to the excitement and rush of biting into one!

Wraps (ï¿¥650-ï¿¥800)

For those interested in a lighter, yet filling fare, we offer the wrap sandwich! The wraps themselves are made right in the slices` kitchen. Choices for stuffing are numerous, ranging from sauteed veggies to salmon to chicken!

Bagels (ï¿¥500-ï¿¥650)

Delicious bagel sandwiches with toppings like cream cheese, salmon, tuna, bacon, lettuce, tomatos. Always satisfying!

Appetizers such as nachos, Canadian poutine, potato mountain and desserts such as the dessert pizza, banana split, smores to name a few have made Slices the unique shop that it is! Despite the odds, Slices has still managed to keep the taste of their food as authentic as possible! Sorry no corn or mayo………yet?!?!

Slices also has an extensive drink menu, a delicious assortment of smoothies, shakes and the ever popular bubble tea! Soo many flavours to choose from. You`ll keep coming for more! Try their decedent shakes…. indeed the name says it all! The alcohol list boasts a number of popular drinks, and ones not so known as well. How about a bootycall, or perhaps an earthquake? Dont know what they are….then come check it out!