delivery service

Due to high demands, we have decided to include a delivery service to the business. So, as of….NOW…we will be delivering to the following areas:
Shimanouchi, Matsuyamachi, Sakuragawa 1chome & 2chome, Shinmachi 1chome & 2chome, Minamihorie, Kitahorie, MinamiSenba, Shinsaibashi!

For other areas close to the above stated areas that we were not mentioned, please call for details

Slices Japanでは店舗周辺エリア(松屋町、桜川1丁目-2丁目、新町1丁目ー2丁目、日本橋、南堀江、北堀江、南船、心斎橋周辺)のデリバリーサービスを開始しました。エリアによっては配達不可の場合もありますので、お気軽にお問い合わせください。